At Waterfront Community Church we encourage each other to spread the word of Jesus Christ by using your God-given talents, and for some of us, that is through writing.

Waterfront Community Church | United in Prayer

United in Prayer

05 May 2020//Steve Colinese

Each Wednesday we hold United in Prayer Meetings - praying together from our homes.  Here is a helpful guide created by Steve Colinese to help you as pray for our nation.

Waterfront Community Church | Swansea CU Mission 2020 Report

Swansea CU Mission 2020 Report

29 April 2020//Megan Conway

Megan Conway (UCCF Staff Worker) gives a glimpse in the life of Students as they seek to share the message of Jesus on campus. 

Waterfront Community Church | Missionary News | May 2020

Missionary News | May 2020

29 April 2020//Ruth Vincent

Each month, Ruth Vincent gives us the latest report of Missionary News and Prayer requests for you to savour and pray over. There are some urgent prayer and support needs this month in light of COVID 19. Please read, pray and support if you can.

Waterfront Community Church | Daily Devotionals with Pastor Arnallt

Daily Devotionals with Pastor Arnallt

04 April 2020//Arnallt Morgan

A brand new online series. Join Pastor Arnallt live every day from 9am for a daily devotional, bible reading and prayer.

Waterfront Community Church | Happy Birthday to Pastor Arnallt & Ruth!

Happy Birthday to Pastor Arnallt & Ruth!

31 March 2020//Paul Davies

This week is very special for both Pastor Arnallt and Ruth as they celebrate their 60th Birthday! As a Church we want to thank Pastor Arnie and Ruth for all they do for us as a Church and wish them a very happy Birthday. As a treat, we created a video to celebrate their big 60th Birthday!

Waterfront Community Church | Missionary News | April 2020

Missionary News | April 2020

26 March 2020//Ruth Vincent

Each month, Ruth Vincent would give us a report of Missionary News and Prayer requests. As we are not able to present it to you ‘live’ at Church, here is her report (taken from different missionary partners) for you to savour and pray over. For a full report from any of our missionary partners please get in touch.

Waterfront Community Church | This Term at Waterfront (Updated)

This Term at Waterfront (Updated)

24 March 2020//Paul Davies

As you know that in the light of the Covid 19,we have cancelled all our services at the church for the forseeable future. (See Church Update) Even though we can’t physically meet together, Easter is still happening so here is a latest update on different events going on at Waterfront.

Waterfront Community Church | Church Update | Coronavirus

Church Update | Coronavirus

15 March 2020//Arnallt Morgan

In light of the Covid 19, we would like to share with you some guidelines and action we have taken as a church.

Waterfront Community Church | Easter Our Hope

Easter Our Hope

06 March 2020//Arnallt Morgan

The moment Jesus emerged from the tomb, Christianity was born. Without the historical reality of the resurrection, Christianity would not exist. The resurrection means there is hope because Jesus is alive!

Waterfront Community Church | Chill out with Jesus

Chill out with Jesus

24 June 2018//Arnallt Morgan

Have you ever felt that life has become so hectic that you feel unless you have a break you’ll ‘crack-up’? Ever felt like saying: “stop the world, I want to get off”?

Living in the West and particularly in Britain has become so stressful. Life has become ever so fast. We find that we have less time for family, our friends, community and ourselves. We have programmes, targets and deadlines to meet and not enough time to do everything.

Waterfront Community Church | Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

04 December 2017//Arnallt Morgan

Luke 2:8-11

If there is a word that we often use to describe what Christmas is all about, it’s the little word “joy.” Several of our favorite carols mention it: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come,” “O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,” “Good Christian men, rejoice, with heart and soul and voice,” “Joyful all ye nations rise, join the triumph of the skies, with th’ angelic host proclaim, ‘Christ is born in Bethlehem.’” It’s so easy to feel joy when we sing these wonderful songs.

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