University is a great opportunity to dive deeper into your faith. Diving deeper could look like growing in your love for God’s Word, being involved in your Universities Christian Union society or serving in your new term time church and plenty of other things too.

At Waterfront, we want to help and support you in your journey walking with the Lord as a student here in Swansea. We want to equip you with whatever is necessary that you may continue in faith beyond your time at University


What to expect at Waterfront?

The students and young adults gather together each week after the Sunday morning service. Different members from the church cook for you each week and often you’ll study something from Gods Word in the afternoon too. We call this gathering ‘Sunday Culture’ because we want to encourage students and young adults to consider how they should Sabbath best in a way that honours the Lord.

Our Sunday services are filled with Christ-centred, Biblical teaching, with songs sung, both new and old and with opportunities to get to know other church members with a cup of coffee afterwards.

Sunday Culture has an Instagram account, so feel free to check that out. Photos are taken each week and documented there. [@sundayculture_wcc]

If you have any questions, get in touch on the website, social media - Facebook & Instagram

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